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Newspaper articles on Sami school history

Sami school history (Sami: Sámi skuvlahistorjá, Norwegian: Samisk skolehistorie) is a book and internet project, which started in 2002. There are published 6 books about Sami school history in Norway, by the publishing house Davvi Girji There is started similar work to collect information about the Samis who have got their education in Sweden, Finland and Russia.

The books are published with parallell text in Sami and Norwegian language, and parts of the first book is translated into English and published in internet. However we have found that we neither have money nor capacity to translate all the articles of all the books. Instead we have translated a series of newspaper articles which make a summary of topics in the book series. These articles were edited by the main author and published in Sami newspaper Min Áigi, later Ávvir. From the second book was published in 2007, there have been published a series of articles each time a new book has been published.

28.09.2007 Why Sami school history?
05.10.2007 Boundless ignorance
12.10.2007 Southerner-teachers encounter the Sami language
19.10.2007 The start of Sami beginner instruction
26.10.2007 The start of education in reindeer-herding
02.11.2007 From Sami to Norwegian vocational training
16.11.2007 Struggle for Sami gymnasium
28.11.2007 School experiences of Norwegian speaking Samis
14.12.2007 Resistence against Sami language and culture
25.01.2008 A strange world
23.05.2009 On Sami teachers
30.05.2009 Life in boarding school
06.06.2009 Sami pupils were bullied
13.06.2009 Sami content in the teaching
20.06.2009 Pupil as interpreter
04.07.2009 How the children quit speaking Sami
10.09.2010 God does not understand Sami
08.10.2010 The point of view of the Norwegianizers
13.10.2010 Men of the church defending the Sami language
02.12.2010 Sami teachers in old times
09.12.2010 Boarding school life in old times
18.12.2010 Sami pupils in special schools
14.01.2012 The parents' struggle for Sami education
21.01.2012 Reluctance and absence
28.01.2012 The school during the war
04.02.2012 Reconstruction and barrack schools
11.02.2012 Curriculums - for Norwegianization and for Sami school
18.02.2012 The great struggle of the curriculum
11.05.2013 Sami language forbidden? – 1
01.06.2013 Sami language forbidden? – 2
03.08.2013 Folk high school for norwegianization
14.09.2013 Folk high school against norwegianization?
21.09.2013 Skolt Sami school history – does it exist?
28.09.2013 Duodji education – in and outside of school
05.10.2013 Sami in the cities
12.10.2013 Sami language in teacher education

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