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Sami school history 1

Sámi skuvlahistorjá 1

Samisk skolehistorie 1

Front page illustration: Bjørg Monsen Vars

The book can be bought in bookshops or booked from the publisher, Davvi Girji.

The printed book has text in Norwegian and Sami languages. The text is no being translated into English, and the translations will gradually be published in the internet version.


English translation: Simon Aldridge

Sami school history is the story of the Sami pupils’ encounter with a school of which they knew little or nothing, of parents distraught over having to send their children into an unknown environment at the age of seven and of teachers who shared no common language with their pupils.

It is also the story of how Sami teachers, parents, pupils and politicians have fought for a school based on the pupils’ own language and culture. It is the story of the authorities’ stubborn attempts, for a century or more, to wipe out the Sami language and culture, of the efforts, in more recent times, to use school as a means of revitalizing the Sami language and culture in heavily norwegianized areas, and much, much more.

This book is a result of a co-operation between very many people. We would therefore like to offer our heartfelt thanks to the writers, storytellers (sources), translators, proof-readers, photographers and artists employed by the publisher. We would also like to thank all the library, archive, museum and school staff who have helped us find material and not least the institutions whose financial contributions have helped us get the book published. They are acknowledged at the back of the book.

Sami School History is intended to be a work in several volumes and we hope to be able to publish a book a year for the next few years. The publisher and editorial committee are interested in contacting anyone who can contribute additional information, corrections, accounts, documents or photographs that we can use in later volumes.

If you have anything to contribute, you are welcome to contact the publisher:
Davvi Girji
Pb. 13, N-9735 Karasjok
Tel. +47-78469500
or editor: sveilund@online.no


The articles marked as blue links are available in English, the others are not yet translated.

Introduction: The school story sees the light of day

Henry Minde: The norwegianizing of the Sami, why, how and with what consequences?
Hans Lindkjølen: The Church’s role in Sami education

Edel Hætta Eriksen: School experiences
Inger Seierstad: From substitute teacher to special needs teacher and textbook author
Svein Lund: Sami without education: a 20 year struggle
Sara Tornensis Bongo, Elmine Valkeapää, Ole Larsen Gaino: Three lives with a lost education

Johan Johannessen: A story of growing up without being able to read and write
Hanna H Hansen: The story of Hans Hansen’s schooldays
Richard Bergh: My years at Skoganvarre School
Sverre Hatle: From the outlying areas of Samiland in the outlying areas of Norway

Jon Ole Andersen: Degree Censor with only 7 years at school
Harald Eidheim: Emergency teacher in Samiland: experiences and reflections
Ivar Skotte: Experiences as a Norwegian teacher in Samiland: impressions from Polmak school during the 1950s
Marit Aubert: Memories from Sirma School 1950 -53
Einar Gullichsen: “In the far north under the Big Dipper”: memories from Sirma school 1953
Per Edvin Varsi: To think that our teachers really were against norwegianization!
Niillas A. Somby: Good and bad memories of school

Bjørn Aarseth: The boarding school as the village’s social centre
Sigrunn Rønbeck: A retrospective from the Karasjok Labour party’s work 1934 -83
Quotes from interview with Hans Rønbeck
Sigmund Steenbuch: Some roots were left behind in Karasjok
Anne Kirsten Østby: Difficult to cut boarding school ties
Kari Meløy: Sami children at school
Inez Boon: Bilingual education: for the children’s sake
Trygve Madsen: On the Sami School in Norway

John Gustavsen: On Måsøy people are descendants of Louis Philippe

Ruth, Eva and Irja Marie Josefsen: Three generations as a pupil in Alta

Paula Simonsen: Grown up on a lie

Anita Lervoll: The road to Sami consciousness

Randi Nymo: «We are good enough even though we are Sami»

Sofie Kappfjell and Ebba Westerfjell: Boarding school better than village school
Jonar Thomasson: Saved by South-Sami teacher
Thorbjørn Andersen: 17 years as headmaster of a South-Sami school
Albert Jåma: Between school and reindeer herding

Additional articles

In addition to the printed articles we have found some old documents and articles, with connection to the topics in this volum. These we publish here, so that readers may read them in connection with the subjects / areas where they belong. As the additional articles are primarily published in the original language, and none of them are translated into English, they are only mentioned in the Norwegian and Sami versions of this page.

Sami school history 2 (Partly in English, rest in Norwegian)
Sami school history 3 (In Norwegian)
Sami school history 4 (In Norwegian)
Sami school history 5 (In Norwegian)
Sami school history 6 (In Norwegian)
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