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Sami school history 2

Samisk skolehistorie 2

Sámi skuvlahistorjá 2

Samien skuvle-vaajese 2

Sámij skåvllåhiståvrrå 2

Reviews and critics (In Norwegian or Sami language)

Cover illustrations by Bjørg Monsen Vars

The book is available in Norwegian book stores and can also be ordered from the publisher Davvi Girji.


This second volume in the book collection Sami school history is, similar to the first volume, a collection of articles, stories, memories and documents from different sides of the school for Sami pupils and students. It is published as a book and an online version, at the address http://skuvla.info, at the same time. The online version has more or less the same contents as the book, but also a few more pictures.

This book is a result of collaboration between many people and institutions. We would like to profoundly thank everyone who has given their contributions and made it possible for this book to be published; authors, narrators, translators, proofreaders, photographers, artists, the staff at the publisher and libraries, archives, museums and schools. Last but not least we would like to thank the institutions who have contributed in financing the publishing of this volume. They are listed at the back of the book.

With this volume we wish to map what the sami pupils have experienced in Norwegian schools. The map still have some blank spots, and only with help from our readers are we able to fill them. We are still interested in stories and documents for later volumes.

We are also interested in corrections and further particulars to this volume. Changes will in that case be made in the online version and in later editions of the book.

If you have any contributions, please contact the publisher:

Davvi Girji, Postboks 13, N-9735 Kárášjohka

tel 78469500

or the head of the editing committee: sveilund@online.no


Only one of these articles (the last in the book) is so far translated into English

Introduction: Jiehkku, petroglyphs (rock carvings), juoŋasteapmi and laestadians

Lydolf Lind Meløy: The continuation school
The school board in Karasjok: Sami language and culture in the continuation school
Olav Malin: The continuation school in Kautokeino 1950–1966
Compulsory continuation school - resistance and absence

Bjørn Aarseth: Testing reindeer husbandry as a subject in school
– The biggest milestone in the history of reindeer husbandry
Paul Fjellheim: The first teacher at the school of reindeer husbandry
Loyd Villmo: Pioneer work for teaching reindeer husbandry
Inge Andersen: Pupil and teacher at the school of reindeer husbandry
Svein Lund: Reindeer husbandry schooling in one room
Ánte Mihkkal Gaup: The teaching of reindeer husbandry is diluted

"A one of a kind in the whole world"
Ragnar Nordby: Practical school for sami people in Norway
Lempi Mikalsen: Gakti-sewing teacher and head of household
Hans Guttorm: Mechanical subjects in the 1960s
Hans Nergård: Headmaster without a board
Pupils in high school demands mandatory Sami
Svein Lund: Fish on shore - a dáža in Sami school

Stein Henriksen: Why a Sami high school?
Glimpses from the battle of a Sami high school
High school students in Karasjok fights for better schooling

Sigbjørn Hølmebakk: The local pope of Karasjok
Ragnhild Ravna: Memories from the school in Tana
Siri Broch Johansen: From Norwegian speaking pupil to Sami language teacher
Solbjørg Ravna: Experiences from Buolbmát and Deanu sámeskuvla
Kirsti Suongir: Norwegian speaking mother in the Sami school
Anne Smeland and Svein Kollstrøm: Tana montessori school – from protest to alternative
Siv Rasmussen: From the Sami school history in Sør-Varanger
Ivar Utsi: Prohibited to speak one's language
Ingunn Utsi: The last Sami speaking children at Nordkapp
Lone Synnøve Hegg: Existential school history from Loppa
Harald Samuelsberg and Leonhard Gamst: The Sami people and the school in Loppa

Ragnhild Enoksen: Involuntarily pioneers in Nordreisa
Nils Sneberg: – I didn't learn much at school
Eliva Isaksen: – No boorish children at that time

Kaia Kalstad: – A child of my time
Karl M. Paulsen: School in Lule Sami in the period of assimilation
Frank A. Jenssen: Skull measuring in elementary school

Randi Nordback Madsen and Trygve Madsen: The school for Sami people viewed from several angles
Asta Balto: – My loyalty was in the Sami society

Additional articles

In addition to the printed articles we have found some old documents and articles, with connection to the topics in this volum. These we publish here, so that readers may read them in connection with the subjects / areas where they belong. As the additional articles are primarily published in the original language, and none of them are translated into English, they are only mentioned in the Norwegian and Sami versions of this page.

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