Conference about Sámi School History Research

15.–16.11.2016 Sámi University College arranged conference i Guovdageaidnu.
Here is invitation and program.

Sami school in Hattfjelldal, Nordland.
Dinner at the boarding school, 1953
(Photo: Sigrid Bergli Sørnes)

Sami school history

Sámi skuvlahistorjá

Samisk skolehistorie

Skoganvarre school, Porsanger, autumn 1962.
2. and 3. grade with teacher Birgit Bergh.

(Photo: Richard Bergh)

What is Sami school history?

Sámi skuvlahistorjá 1-6 / Samisk skolehistorie 1-6

Sami school history is a book and internet project which started in 2003. We have published 6 books, all have text in Sami and Norwegian language, they have each about 450 pages and the price is 395 NOK pr. book.

You may book the books from the publishing house Davvi Girji.

The texts you may also read from the menu at the left.
So far are about half of the articles from the first book and one article from the second book available in English.

6th book launched with seminar

The book Sámi skuvlahistorjá / Samisk skolehistorie 6 was launched at University of Tromsø 03.–04.04.2013, with a two days' seminar. Here you can read the programme, with links to most of the presentations.

Summarizing articles – Also in English

We have written 36 articles with topics from the Sami school history-books. They are printed in Sami newpapers, and published here in Sami, Norwegian and English.

Who are behind this?

Around two hundred people have written or told their memories, provided pictures, translated or in other ways contributed to Sami school history. The editional commitee for the books has consisted of Svein Lund, Elfrid Boine, Siri Broch Johansen and Siv Rasmussen.

The following institutions have given financial support:
The County Governor of Finnmark, Sami Parliament, University of Tromsø, University of Nordland, Sami university college, Norwegian Cultural Council, The Freedom of Expression Foundation, Commitee for education material for higher education, Kåfjord, Guovdageaidnu and Lavangen municipalities, Finnmark, Troms and Nord-Trøndelag counties, The Board of the Sami Secondary Schools, Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers and Translators Association and Ministry of Labour and Integration.

Further plans and ideas

There are people working with Sami school history also in Sweden, Finland and Russia, and we hope that in the end there will be both edited similar books there, and that it will be possible to make both a common Sami school history and a history of Sami schoolbooks. We also hope that gradually more of the material which is published here will be translated into English and other languages.

Presentation at conference on indigenous education in Tromsø 02.04.2014:

Writing Sami school history - some results and experiences

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